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21 March 2010 @ 08:16 pm

Because of mononucleosis I had 2 weeks, I got 1 month sports ban.
Meaning; my Easter holiday's planning went all new - I was supposed to head Lapland and go snowboarding. Not gonna happen, I'm not even going to Lapland. Quite sad, now I'm not gonna meet my grandparents. Also means I'm not making any process on my ballet classes or gym. Luckily I don't have P.E this perioid.

Slightly frustrating. Also my liver rates are so high (321, around 40 you should be concerned) and my spleen is sligthly swollen. that's the reason for my ban, though. Maybe I'm gonna follow the doc's orders, he said the other choice is to have my spleen ripped.
Yay for ripped organs. Yay for me getting also some random stomach disease now.

My friend's in S-Korea atm. He's there as an exchange student, and complaining how it really sucks.
He's ultimate lonely. I feel for him, trusting in what he said, he can't go outside even for crocery and he's supposed to study 24/7. All of his friends are also just studying from 8am to 11pm.
His family's somehow "bothered" by him being there, and his hostbrother wont talk to him - although he was in Canada last year and should speak good English.
I get the concern his hostfamily has over him, since Korea is Korea and their English mainly sucks, but he can speak rather good Korean. I mean he used to date a korean girl, he should do quite well there... But yeah, not my problem. I just hope he'll get over things and be more positive. I want to his year be nice and full of experience.
I don't want to hear his unnecessary angst he's having now though, he knew it IS Korea he's heading to. Sorry man, but face the facts. Korean schoolsystem sucks big time.

Now I feel like travelling.
I'd like to go Japan or China. I was supposed to go to Japan as an exchange student about an year ago, and I listened to SID back then. It arouses some kind of nostalgic feelings in me.
The U.K would be nice too. Ah, I wanna go somewhere but I haven't got money. Which leads me to topic; summer job.
I was promised to have a REALLY well paid job for whole summer. Well about a week ago I was informed that I didn't have that job (and 2 days before closing the applying was closed)... Thanks for failing on me, uncle. I nearly cried on the phone when I called him.

Now I just keep my fingers crossed I get somekind of job. Anything is okay, I won't get any money for summer if I don't get a job.
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01 September 2009 @ 07:26 pm

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